KP Working Women Union

Da Hawwa Lur has launched a platform “KP Working Women Union” which is first of its kind in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to unite all working women under a single platform and advocate for the rights of home based and domestic workers. The Union members includes 300 registered women workers most of which are home based and domestic workers. Under this platform we have trained 500 women workers from the remote and rural areas on basic labor and constitutional rights, importance of unionization and leadership. We are also struggling for the legislative and policy reforms of home based workers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa so that they can be given the title of “Labor” under the law in Pakistan.


The basic objectives of this platform are:

  • To advocate for the legislative and policy reforms of home based workers.
  • To empower women unions through awareness and provide women with the right to association and collective bargaining;
  • To provide right to decent work, dignity and social security, equal rights and privileges in employment;
  • To empower union for decision making and linking them with the management through the union.
  • To combat with the harassment of working women at work place.

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