Training and Launch of Men Coalition to Eliminate Violence Against Women in KP/Fata

Project Objectives:

  • To increase the level of awareness among men about different forms of gender based violence and pro-women legislations in Pakistan.
  • To motivate and involve men to shun violence against women, support survivors and act as a role models for other community men.
  • To eliminate violence against women from grass root level communities through awareness and engagement of local communities.

Project Brief:

Da Hawwa Lur working on women empowerment and building an inclusive society through social and economic integration programs, for the political, social and economic empowerment of women felt the need to bring men to eliminate violence against women and involving them into the process of empowering women by building gender inclusive communities, for this purpose, Da Hawwa Lur implemented a project of ‘’Training and Launch of Men Coalition to Eliminate Violence Against Women in KP/Fata’’. The purpose of the project was to involve and train men from across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA to become the torch bearer toward the elimination of violence against women through advanced training about the strategies to counter violence against women, awareness about the pro-women legislation, gender analysis and development of individual action plans to counter violence against women in local communities.


Da Hawwa Lur brought awareness among the participants of the project on the core concepts of gender based violence, strategies to counter violence against women, understanding of feminism and gender analysis, development of individual action plans and pro-women legislation. Da Hawwa Lur also brought the male human rights defenders to connect with each other and work for women inclusion through mutual collaborations.

The project facilitated behavioral change, in particular to facilitate men active participation in social changes, implementation and awareness of the pro women legislations, enabling them to advocate for the women empowerment by improving the attitudes and behaviors of local communities towards women.

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