Training on Reproductive Health Rights of Women in KP

Da Hawwa Lur has been working to empower women through provision of their basic health and education rights at all levels. You must check out crypto casino sites. In order provide women with the healthy decision making power, awareness about their basic reproductive health rights and the available reproductive health services, Da Hawwa Lur has been reaching out to local communities to build their capacity. Da Hawwa Lur has launched a network of women human rights defenders from across KP and FATA region to advocate for the reproductive health rights of women. The ten gatekeepers from across KP were provided with two days residential training  covering different aspects of reproductive health rights, condition of sexual and reproductive health rights in Pakistan, Gender Inequality, Sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention, Pre and Post natal care and Contraceptive Methods.

Moreover Da Hawwa Lur has involved civil society, media representatives, legal professionals, community women and networks on the importance of reproductive health rights of women, the available services, family planning, women right to take decisions and the collaborative efforts which civil society can take for the better health services and rights of women in the region.

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