At Colombian Collective, we share our top-picked items from world-class Colombian brands – from apparel to accessories. These brands are one-of-a-kind and embody Colombia even at first glance… Beautiful. Vibrant. Lively. And created with purpose.


Each piece is representative of Colombia’s culture and creativity. From the colors and the patterns to the stories behind them, Colombia comes to life. The items on Colombian Collective are exceptionally crafted by renowned and emerging Colombian designers, each with their own value and goals behind them, helping you get a grasp of the country’s richness and diversity.

Disfrutan, hermosas!


A Filipina by blood and at heart, but also a blooming Colombian
“When I moved to Colombia in 2018, I instantly fell in love with its people, landscapes, and culture. But nothing caught my eye more than the diverse fashion in the country that showcases the immense talent of the Colombians.

Marrying my love for style and my desire to make a difference, I’ve made it my mission to showcase Colombian brands that not just embody the beauty and vibrancy of this country but are also committed to causes close to my heart.

Colombian aesthetics with its tropical glamour, spirited burst of colours & silhouettes, its outstanding quality & attention to detail are things I know will be appreciated back home, but I am also equally excited to share the brands’ incredible stories & the purposes they live by.”


An adventurer based in the Philippines
“Traveling, learning new cultures, and history have always been ingrained in me as a person. My parents greatly influenced me of their great love for adventures and visiting new places. This fascination and curiosity stayed with me even after getting married and having my own family. This is how I reconnected with Isabel and how her stories in Colombia have inspired us to start Colombian Collective.

Being a woman entrepreneur, standing behind other women entrepreneurs, designers and artisans carry so much weight into choosing brands we partnered with in Colombian Collective. I want their skill, purpose and stories to come alive here in Asia, sharing it with other women who elegantly embody these pieces. With Isabel in Colombia, the curation and purchasing process will be thorough and meticulous to make sure these brands stand by their purpose and meaning. We are definitely excited to share our unique and beautiful finds from the fashion capital of Latin America. We hope you enjoy the selection.”