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Da Hawwa Lur At Glance

Da Hawwa Lur started working in 2001, with AASHA (Alliance against sexual Harassment), as an initiative of organizations committed to end sexual harassment at work and public places. At that time neither the issue was recognized as a problem articulated by the women’s movement nor accepted by the government and media. The magnitude of the issue of sexual harassment at workplace is so huge and the problem is so persistent that in the absence of any concrete government policy /law and safety net by employers, for curbing sexual harassment at workplace, women become a vulnerable group to sexual harassment at workplace. After the formation of law against sexual harassment in 2010, Da Hawwa Lur started to implement the law and aware the common masses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Along with that Da Hawwa Lur expanded its reach across KP with special focus on transgender rights, girl’s education, women workers rights, policies advocacy to curb gender based violence, child rights and reproductive health rights. Da Hawwa Lur aims and ensures equality of workplace and recognition of home based and domestic workers. It helps building the capacity of grass root level women to make them economically and socially empowered.

Legal Status

Da Hawwa Lur has been registered with Society Act 1860, and is governed by an executive committee (Board of Directors) consisting of professionals with comprehensive knowledge and understanding about the social issues.


Da Hawwa Lur envisions a world where women and trans rights are equally respected as Human Rights, have control over their own lives and have equal access to Education, Employment, Governance, Justice, Legal Support, Financial Resources, Recreation, Health specifically SRHR and Social Services.


Da Hawwa Lur aims to empower women and Trans genders, advocate for their equal rights, and to strengthen their capacity enabling them to act as agents of empowerment and Social Change.

Our Values

Reliability, Commitment, Open-mindedness, Consistency, Efficiency, Innovation, Compassion, spirit of adventure, Motivation, Optimism, Passion, Respect, Courage, Education, Perseverance, Service to others, Environmentalism.

Organization Objectives

  • To improve service delivery mechanism for survivors/victims of Gender Based Violence by strengthening referral system between the service providers and local communities.
  • To enhance the process of implementation of pro women and transgender legislations through awareness, capacity building and public/private interventions.
  • To improve the condition of transgender community through psycho-legal support services and linkages with government institutions leading to good governance,
  • To counter gender base violence and violence against women at provincial level through policy advocacy for pro women/trans legislations.
  • To address the issues of women workers through the phases of community interventions, awareness, advocacy and implementations.
  • To improve the condition of Girls education through advocacy on Gender Sensitive Educational Reforms and Shift in Socio-Cultural Norms towards education.
  • To Empower Women Workers Financially through labor rights education, digital literacy and access to information technology and advocacy on equal wage rights.
  • To promote feminist movement building at local, provincial and national level.
  • To create dignified and safe workplaces through implementation and awareness of protection against harassment of women at workplace and PPC section 509 of public place harassment.
  • To improve the condition of reproductive health and rights situation for women through awareness at community level and advocacy at provincial level.

Thematic Areas

  1. Women’s/Transgenders Social, Economic, and Political fortification:
  2. Inclusion of destitute groups:
  3. Peace and conflict transformation
  4. Environmentalism

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