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Waging Peace through Dialogue

In response to the current global context in which people around the world are facing increasing attacks on their basic freedoms, and a culture of division is causing many of us to turn against each other, a campaign with the title ‘’SPEAK’’ has been created to raise awareness, break down barriers and build global solidarity. The campaign has been developed by CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation.

Under this campaign, Da Hawwa Lur hosted a one day activity named ‘’Waging Peace through Dialogue’’ to highlight the importance of peace and to develop strategies by youth for peace building in communities and country as a whole.

Awareness sessions on Drug Harm Reduction by Young Leaders

Awareness sessions were done by the young leaders that were trained under our  program ”Drug Harm Reduction and Drugs Policies in Pakistan” with the aim of reaching out to the general public. These sessions were arranged in different settings and communities like young students were apprised on harm reduction by the young leaders in educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities. Some of the sessions and meetings were also conducted with the police officials in police stations with the focus on behaviour improvement of the police as they have to deal usually with the addicts and exhibit inhumane behaviour most of the time.

Legislative and policy reforms for women home based workers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Project Objectives:
• To spread awareness among masses on policies, laws, issues and challenges of women home based workers.
• To involve women home based workers in process of legislative reforms for them
• To provide rights to women home based workers through legislative reforms
Project Brief:

Da Hawwa Lur team conducted mobilization campaign in the rural areas and district Peshawar of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to build up a strong team of women home based workers. During the course of time we have more than 400 registered women workers members now, which act as a bridge in local and rural communities to raise issue of women and labor rights.

Body set up for welfare of KP women

A women welfare body has been formed to resolve problems facing them in different fields in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The organisation, ‘Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Working Women Union’ was inaugurated at the press club here on Tuesday. Dr Mehr Taj Roghani, adviser to the chief minister, was the chief guest. Several other women belonging to different walks of life, including MPAs Zareen Zia, Aysha Naeem, Tasleem, Rohi Zahir Shah, Neelum Turo, Insaf Lawyers Forum president Rubina Gilani and Maryam Bibi, were in attendance.

Sharing their observations, the participants said that female workers were facing different problems but they had no union (organisation) to raise voice for their rights.

Candidate and Voter Education

1st April, 2015 – 29th April, 2015

Project Objectives:

  • To increase the women participation in democratic process.
  • To enhance the women leadership in local government.
  • To improve the number of women in the using their right to vote.

Project Brief:

During the Local Government elections of 2015 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Da Hawwa Lur conducted training sessions for the women of Peshawar. These grass root level women were trained well on the role plus responsibilities of voter and candidate. The awareness was also provided on the Local Government Act.

Equal opportunity: New union to fight for the rights of working women

Non-profit organisation Da Hawa Lur’s CEO Khurshid Bano is all set to launch a union for the province’s working women. The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Working Women Trade Union Federation will be launched on May 3 at Peshawar Press Club.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Bano said the union is aimed at tackling problems faced by women in the workplace.

“The union is a first of its kind,” she said. “More often than not, working women have little authority. This trade union seeks to empower them.”

Bano has served as general secretary of the K-P Working Women Federation and plans to use Da Hawa Lur as a platform to launch this new initiative.

Awareness Raising regarding Gender Based Violence for the Students of Universities

Collaborative Partner: Impact

1st January 2015 – 27th February, 2015

Project Objectives:

  • To raise awareness among university students about GBV
  • To train students on importance and on basic laws about domestic violence

Project brief:

Da Hawwa Lur is a non-profit organization struggling to improve the situation of gender-based violence by raising the awareness regarding the issue among the common masses. Da Hawwa Lur builds the capacity of the individuals on the basic laws related to gender based violence a nd how to tackle with such situations.

Psychological and Legal Support to the victims of Gender Based Violence

1st January 2015 – 1st December, 2015

The main purpose of the project was to provide free legal and psychological support to the victims of gender based violence such as sexual harassment, acid throwing and domestic violence etc..

Project Objectives:

To Provide free legal and psychological support to GBV Victims;
To register the cases of domestic violence and provide them protection.
Project Brief:

The project was closely linked with the mandate of the organization. In this project the victims of gender based violence were provided support through referral systems for physical treatments,