All Parties Conference for FATA Reforms

Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), despite having some administrative and political problems has been one of the most peaceful areas of Pakistan since 1947. However, with increased resistance in Afghanistan, the tribal areas have been gradually transformed into a kind of war zone. Though extremely poor and backward, these areas have always played a pivotal role in the history of the region, presenting a wide, valid and valuable treasure of landscape, archeology and cultural legacy amongst the jigs of towering peaks, valleys and planes. There dwells a society distinguished for its hospitality, bravery, culture and traditions. . It is an egalitarian society guided by local norms, values and traditions called Pukhtoonwali (Pukhtoon code of honor) which they adhere to very strictly. Historically, foreign interference has been restricted with full might in the traditional gun culture. Jirga (the assembly of elders and influential’s) as an institution of resolving disputes has been a tradition for thousands of years in this society. All the disputes without any exceptions are resolved through this system and FCR.

FATA has been an under developed region of the country with scarce social services and virtually no job opportunities despite the territory having vast potential for development, particularly in the mineral sector .Literacy rate is only 17 percent (as compared to the average 45 percent for Pakistan) and among the female population it is even low, just 3percent.There is one bed in hospitals for every 2327 people as compared to 1450 in the rest of Pakistan. For a population of 8189, only one doctor is available and a mere 43 percent people have access to safe drinking water

Da Hawa lur in collaboration with FATA Students Organization arranged a dialogue among the representatives of all political parties in Pakistan. The dialogue focused an abolition of FCR, FATA merger with KPK and equal rights for the citizens of FATA.


The representatives of all political parties emphasized the responsibility of government to provide equal rights to all the tribal regions. They assured that they will forward the FATA merger to KP resolution to the National and Provincial assemblies.

The dialogue acted as a step towards the equal rights for FATA and especially the women of FATA because all the participants agreed upon dismissal of Riwaj act.




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