Our Work

Da Hawwa Lur is a non-profit, women led feminist organisation working towards political, social and economic empowerment of women and transgender in Pakistan.

Our Areas of Work are

  • Women and Transgender leadership and Political Participation.
  • Women and Transgender Economic Empowerment.
  • Ending Violence against Women/Transgender.
  • Peace and Conflict transformation.
  • Rights of Women Workers.
  • Unionization and equality.
  • Sexual and reproductive health Rights
  • Clean and Green Environmental Conditions

Promoting Peace and Pluralism

Da Hawwa Lur aims to combat religious extremism and promote an alternative pluralistic discourse based on the values of tolerance, non-violence, peaceful co-existence. Da Hawwa Lur has trained 500 youth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Peace and Conflict Transformation. A Peace Walk was carried out on the main road of Peshawar along with a great number of women to show the strength of women to the extremists. A series of Peace Dialogues were conducted among the local communities and scholars from different faith. The event of Diwali, Holi and Christmas was celebrated with the participation of youth from various parts of the country to promote pluralism.

Strengthening Democracy through Women Political Participation

Da Hawwa Lur’s basic aim is to involve women in the process of decision making which is possible by mainstreaming them into the democratic process. We work to bring women leadership at the forefront and involve them in the democratic process of decision making. For this purpose, more than 100 women were trained on the importance of democratic processes, their role and responsibilities as voter and candidate during general and local government elections. Da Hawwa Lur has also been involved in election observation inorder to ensure the women participation in political process. This helps in increasing the level of understanding among the women of rural areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who are completely denied of their rights as a voter or candidate. It is one of the achievements of Da Hawwa Lur that during the local government the trained women participated not only as voters but as candidates as well. Da Hawwa Lur has been working to bring the issues of women to the forefront by developing the first of its kind Womanifesto, which is for the women, by the women and of the women to advocate for the basic rights of the women and holding the elected representative accountable.

Ending Violence Against Women and Transgender

Da Hawwa Lur believes in societies free of violence and equality of all human beings. To increase the level of awareness among the communities and common masses more than 200 sessions on gender based violence specially sexual harassment have been conducted in educational institutions, health , police, law, media, social welfare departments and local communities. We provide free legal and psychological support to the victims of gender based violence. The sexual harassment legislation is being implemented by Da Hawwa Lur in 34 departments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. For the purpose of awareness transport campaign as conducted in which posters and banners were pasted on the local transportation while the transporters and local travelers were made well aware of the anti-sexual harassment law. Da Hawwa Lur is also involved in the policy reforms to curb gender based violence in the province.

Da Hawwa Lur has been working with the transgender community and focusing on their empowerment through elimination of sexual harassment at work and public spaces. For that purpose 150 transgenders have been trained on anti-sexual harassment legislation. Right to Information Act and Right to Services Act. Da Hawwa Lur helped transgender community file the first cases of harassment under PPC Section 509.

DHL has been involved in advocacy for the early child marriages, domestic violence and internal women trafficking laws.

Da Hawwa Lur has also launched Men Coalition to Eliminate Violenec against Women in KP/FATA to involve the young men from tribal regions to advocate for the elimination of violence against women and build gender inclusive societies free of violence.

Establishment of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Working Women Union

Da Hawwa Lur has established the first ever Khyber Pakhtunkhwa working women union, which is a first platform of its kind. Under this platform Da Hawwa Lur is training the working women especially home based, domestic and factory workers on their basic rights, labor laws, health and safety, unionization etc. This plat form serves as a place for the solution of problem of all working women in unity. The platform trains women home based workers on basic digital literacy skills, e-commerce, marketing, advocacy for the labor rights, development of medium and small scale enterprises. Da Hawwa Lur under its plat form of KPK Working Women Union has trained 100 home based workers of Village Phandu, Village Chamkani and Peshawar. These women were trained on importance of unionization and basic labor and constitutional rights.

These trained women are a source of awareness for other women of their respective villages and are aiming to struggle for the legislative reforms of home based workers with Da Hawwa Lur.

Reproductive Health Rights of Women

Da Hawwa Lur has been working in the rural and marginalized communities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to advocate for the sexual and reproductive health rights of women. For this purpose Da Hawwa Lur has launched a network of women from 10 districts of KP to advocate for the reproductive health rights and access to the family planning services in KP. We have trained 150 women from rural regions, civil society members and media persons on the importance of reproductive health, the loopholes on the policies and the lack of resources and awareness among communities towards family planning.

Da Hawwa Lur has been disseminating information material in the communities and signed MOU with Rahnuma Family Planning Association for medical services to the women in need. Da Hawwa Lur has developed a charter of demand in consultation with the women from vulnerable communities on the issues of reproductive health rights and family planning services to be presented to elected representatives of political parties.

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